Founded May 21, 2015, Wreckage Brothers is an alliance of big guys dedicated to removing hotheads and crashing this game with no survivors.

History Edit

Type whatever you like, brothers.

We started off small, just like any other idiot. But soon we grew to challenge even the might of the BBB (BoN, BoZ, BAMF).

Unfortunately when our ally was annihilated in the polocaust we were smart and chose to leave while the door was open.

Then we started wrecking the flight plans of raiders who tried to take advantage of us and happen to be mostly from the same alliance. Next the THC wars began. These were on and off wars between ourselves and the THC aggressors, until a full out war broke out and quickly died due to fear of the BBB's intervention on behalf of THC against us. Since then activity dropped and only the strong remain.

Now we all must unite to see where we go before we are once again preyed upon.

*Shakes hands with Skirr and sneaks out.* Edit

After a war that never came, and global nuclear annihilation, the world was anew, without the watchful gaze of the Wreckage Brothers.

*Closes door this time.* Edit

Big Guys(for you) Edit

It doesn't matter who we are... what matters is our plan. We work for the mercenary.
Wreckage Brothers currently has five leaders.

Position Big Guy Plane Region
God LargeMan Large Man Egypt
Officer BillWilson See Aye Eh Arabia
Officer LAIN The Wired Egypt
Officer tfwqtp2tlgf|;3 Ekodebota Atlas
Slave Hell


NAPs Edit

Crusaders, SSMBT, CIUN

ODPs Edit

Everyone in the game.


Al-Qassam Brigaders

Hired Guns (MDOAPs) Edit

SSMBT, leftybloc, AA, inter/pol/, IoM, NETO,

The Flight Plan Edit


Protectorates Edit

Uhhh... You don't get to bring friends

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