The Western Revolution was a conflict that began in 2017 between two factions that were both aligned with the United States, along with their supporters and allies. Several member states associated with the Enclave headed by Generalissimo Fusek, have clashed with forces loyal to Archmagos Meleager and the Lonesome Cowboys alliance.

On November 16th, the interim body of the Enclave alliance declared a general mobilization to bring about the collapse of the Lonesome Cowboys and further their dominance in western-society.

The Enclave lost many of its battles, with many smaller alliances like The Bloc Death, and the Tau Empire joining up with the LC. Many believe that smaller alliances felt threatened by the ever-increasing power of the Enclave. Although The Enclave was the largest alliance around at the time, their unwillingness to make peace, and the resulting indifference between member-nations, put their party at risk of annihilation and resulted in the creation of the United Enclave. The Enclave was spun off into a tax-farm alliance when leadership was handed over to Generalissimo Butch, the alliance was renamed The Varangian Guard. The Lonesome Cowboys were named the BLOC Official Alliance, once the largest alliance in BLOC, but was eventually abandoned. Following a brief vote, the war was officially declared over on January 2, 2018 by leadership associated with the United Enclave.

Operation / Phase Date
The Lonesome Queer Massacre 16 November 2017
Back at the Barnyard 17 November 2017
The Great Cowboy Comeback 18 November 2017
The Neverending War 20 November 2017
The Enclave Revolution 24 November 2017