1200px-Flag of the German Empire

The majestic flag of the Reich.

Die Wacht am Rhein04:40

Die Wacht am Rhein

The anthem of the Reich.

The Second Reich is an alliance of prussiaboos (amerifats who feel feels when Prussia will never exist again) from BLOC 4 (or BLOC 3.8). The Second Reich is primarily based in Latin America. Its roleplay centers around the German Empire which existed in real life from 1871 - 1919. As such, it is vehemently anti-communist and has participated in killing the Left Coalition twice.

If there was ever a French or Austrian themed alliance the Reich would rise up and destroy it with extreme Prussian glory. Rumsott mitt uns.

Leader: TheGreatManColter (Pterry), Pterodactyla
Officers: Jaffacalling (DinoDave), Tyranosaurus Rex Bronto (Mexicoo), Brontoland
MDPs: INNAWDS Deagle Nation EUN
MDMAPs: Divine League

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