The Highmoorean War of Independence
Date: June 10th
Result: Land ceded to INUEA; Highmorean Empire founded
Preceeded by: None
Succeeded by: The Unionist-Fordist War
Highmoorean Confederate Nations The INUEA

June 10th Edit

Approximately 9 pm GMT (DST) Edit

On June 10th, two nations of Norrland and fordist [sic] Britain declared war on Capricia and Brytenica, vouching for independence from the INUEA. Edit

Approximately 9:30 pm GMT (DST) Edit

The Norrlandish Army is crushed by Capricia, the Caprician Army marching into the capital demanding that land be ceded to the INUEA as retribution for the Highmoorean Nation's secession from the INUEA.

Approximately 10 pm GMT (DST)

Fordist Britain is defeated by Brytenica. Norrland cedes 3300km2 of territory to Capricia, while fordist Britain cedes 200km2 to Brytenica in return for a generous amount of supplies. Edit

June 11th Edit

The Highmoorean Empire is founded, though much of its land is disputed with the INUEA.

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