In bloc 3.9 during the TOPKIKE vs Cuck Coalition war Sir Scarf received 12 pieces of the Cuck Coalition's uranium for the sole purpose of going into vacation mode to protect it; an exploit in itself really, sometimes referred to as the "Act like a bitch, treat him like a bitch" model because it implies that if someone is cheating, they can only be beaten by cheating.

SebianZed (Lykos) realized that Rumsod hadn't properly programmed vacation mode and all that it did was take away that users ability to execute any policies and prevent any other nations declaring war on them by taking away the declare war option. An exploit for an exploit, SebianZed registered a new nation under the name Aepaline who had the right amount of GDP to attack Empyrea (Sir Scarf), the html for both declaring war and launching offensives was injected into the page and the uranium stolen! twelve pieces of yellow cake stripped away from the clutches of evil. The biggest uranium snag recorded.

It is said many of the Cuck Coalition especially members of the Divine League cried that night, some quitting and many resorting to shitposting while SebianZed was laughing for a great many nights that followed.

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