Flag of The Communist Union

Soviet National Anthem - Гимн СССР - High Quality

Soviet National Anthem - Гимн СССР - High Quality

Anthem of The Soviet and Communist Union

The Communist Union is a Communist Political Alliance of 6 member nations.


The Communist Union was officially formed on September 11th 2015 by President Choummaly Sayasone following the reclaiming of the nation of Lao from the Democratic Party to allow for the gathering of Dictatorships, Military Juntas and One Party States aligned with the Eastern Bloc.
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President Choummaly Sayasone


President Choummaly Sayasone is the Head of The Communist Union.

Heads of GovernmentEdit

  • Executive Chairman: Robert Huxin of Belize
  • Great Revolutionary: Hieu of Cambodia
  • Mosquito: Bane? of Japan
  • President: Choummaly Sayasone of Laos and The Communist Union
  • Dear Leader: Joses Carlos Mariategui of Peru
  • People's Revolutionary: Duong of North Vietnam