Heyy lamaymo

TheGreatManColter is the greatest quality poster and most relevant player in >BLOC history. Trust me this is objectively and unbiasedly true.

>BLOC 1.0Edit

In >BLOC 1.0 Colter showed up to join ACE, which was the alliance for 4chan's /mlp/ board. After ACE got #rekt Jaffacalling invited Colter into GET (the alliance for 4chan's [s4s] board and Jaffa's first alliance) and made him an officer. This was Colter's first taste of relevance, tragically cut short by the goonpocalypse which killed >BLOC for the first time.

>BLOC 2.0Edit

Here Colter joined the remade ACE and stayed there the entire time. Colter became relevant through hilarious quality posts on the forum.

>BLOC 3.0Edit

By the time >BLOC 3.0 came about Colter had achieved actual relevance via another browser game which will not be named here because it sucks balls. Knowing this, Colter created a hilarious ruse wherein he arrived in the guise of Pterry, a female officer in Jaffacalling's Dino Reich. Everyone fell for the hilarious ruse and greatly appreciated Pterry's hilarious quality posts. Eventually Jaffa ran the alliance into trouble with a super gay alliance called the Che Guavara League (more like Che GAYvara League amirite), but Colter fixed everything with a hilarious coup in which he revealed the hilarious ruse and claimed his rightful place at the head of the Dino Second Reich. Many keks and lels were had until Bronto organized a not-so-hilarious coup against Colter, and Jaffa organized a coup against Bronto.

TheGreatManColter became TheGreatPterodactylColter and his hilarious quality posts and original content entertained the community for a few more months until one day he mysteriously disappeared into the night. While Colter was gone, the community died. The most likely explanation for this is that, when deprived of Colter's hilarious quality posts, the majority of >BLOC players killed themselves out of despair. There's an alternate theory which says something about a reset and Rumsod going inactive but that's obviously wrong because Colter is the greatest ever.

Colter is back now and it looks like the community will bounce back thanks to his hilarious quality posts. Thank you Colter for being so GOAT we will love you forever.

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