On February 3Edit

Obongo the Mighty of L-PACE declared war on the Left Coalition on the basis of L-PACE being an American-themed alliance and the Left Coalition being a communist-themed alliance.

TheGreatManColter, another vehement anti-Communist, saw Obongo's war declaration and also declared war on the Left Coalition on behalf of the Second Reich.

On Feb 4Edit

Lykos of the Varangian Guard revealed that his alliance had a secret MDP with the Left Coalition and declared war on L-PACE and the Second Reich.

Im_Brian of the UAL decided that the war offended him and threatened to enter it himself, proceeding to wave his e-peen all over the war thread making vague threats. To this day nobody really knows if the UAL actually participated in the war.

On this day people began to realize that the war was a shitpost, as two primarily Latin American alliances were warring two other alliances with only four Latin American nations between them. The war effort shifted from one of conventional warfare to one of aid, spying, and shitposting.

Colter spammed Lykos's communiques with approximately 80 yees to get 100 raw materials from him and make it inconvenient for him to browse his comms.

unconventional warfare in action

On Feb 5Edit

Obongo gave in to one of the Varangian Guard's demands and proceeded to post only in Spanish with English translations below.

On Feb 6Edit

The Varangian Guard attempted to back out of the war.

On Feb 7Edit

The Left Coalition disbanded and there was much joy throughout the free world.

Im_Brian left the UAL and formed the Imperial Legion where he tried to declare war on the Second Reich. By typing [FROM ALLIANCE] in his communiques he attempted to convince Colter that he had hacked the alliance. Brian's pathetic attempt at war was dismissed with an aggressive declaration of peace.

On Feb 8Edit

The Varangian Guard disbanded, leaving no room for doubt in anyone's mind that communism had been eradicated for the first time in >BLOC history. Let freedom ring **==


The Left Coalition eventually reformed. The Left Coalition declared that the war had never actually ended due to the lack of a peace treaty. As a result, on February 23 they declared war on EUN due to the fact that a member of that alliance had raided Emily during OCC even though EUN was never actually a part of that war. Strangely, the communists didn't declare war on either L-PACE or the Second Reich. The Reich, which had an MDP with EUN, declared war on the Left Coalition again. The Left Coalition lost this war too and disbanded again, proving definitively that communism is the definition of failure.

Operation Commie Crush
Casus belli: The Left Coalition's existence
Date: February 3-8, 2015
Preceded by: The Nuclear YOLOcaust
The Left Coalition
The Second Reich
The Varangian Guard

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