Navy is another element in the great art of war in Bloc. Building a fleet will become important later on as the game progresses, as ships can do things such as fight other enemy ships(if any are present) and bombard enemy troops. This is similar to an Airforce bombing enemy troops, except it doesn't cost oil to attack with a navy. However it is expensive to replace ships later on as your fleet grows.

Once again this will cost you MG and oil to make yourself and a minimum two factories must be built in your nation. Sadly you cannot buy ships with relations with the USA or the Soviets.

You will be able to bombard enemy troops when you have two or more ships. At 51 or more ships a nation can hit anyone in any part of the world, provided they are in GDP range. However you cannot attack by land unless your fleet is at least double the size of the enemy fleet or more. The following is a list of the currently known navy levels:

Some Dinghies1–10
Coast Guard11–30
Green Water31–50
Blue Water51–70
Powerful Blue Water71–100

100 ships requires a strong nation with a lot of alliance support.

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