M.O.E. Accord is a pseudo-supra alliance (an alliance of alliances) in the sense that while the signing parties (Vidya Union and Waifu Union) have a NAP and cooperate through this accord they are not obligated to do so. It's more of a loose religious structure in that 5 apostles (Jaffacalling, Iceheaven02, Gendo, Captain haddock, Comrade Lukas [head of the group]) can decide what is moe~ or isn't moe~ and use it as a valid reason to respond against or for the party in a militaristic or diplomatic manner of their choosing. The point of this accord is to protect all that is considered moe~ within bloc from those who try to bring harm to it. At this time the Accord has only be activated once against the "Farquaad Betterment initiative" by Comrade Lukas against Hulk Hogan the leader of the FBI. The Action was successful when, through one war Comrade Lukas convinced Hulk Hogan to disband the group (which only had one member).

M.O.E. Accord Leader: Comrade Lukas

Gendo, Jaffacalling, IceHeaven02, Captain Haddock.

Alliances in M.O.E. Accord Vidya Union, Waifu Union
ODP's New Shrek Order, Cossack Union, Comintern (through their moe~ status).
NAP's Waifu Union/Vidya Union

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