According to the war declaration thread, the collection of glue was a stated goal of the Left Coalition and its allies.

Grudge War II is unrelated to The Grudge War. The name was chosen because it is believed to have been declared over a grudge from Operation Commie Crush, during which a member of EUN—though the alliance was never actually a part of the war—raided the leader of the Leftist Coalition.

March 29, 2015Edit

The Leftist Coalition, led by Emily, declares war on EUN, led by Whiskertoes.

INNAWDS, led by Klokov, declares glue jihad against EUN.

Lykos, former leader of the Varangian Guard and officer of SPQR, declares war on EUN on behalf of SPQR.

March 30Edit

The Divine League, led by Estagon declares war on the Left Coalition and its allies due to an MDP with EUN.

Emily claims that the EUN had been planning a war with the Leftists for weeks and presents a Google doc.

Im_Brian of the Hetairoi Guild declares war on the Leftists and their allies.

Sir Scarf of EUN claims that the google doc was just a contingency plan created by the Divine League after an LC nation attacked an EUN one.

PEST, led by Big Willy, declares war on EUN and its allies.

Estagon backs up Sir Scarf's claims.

TheGreatManColter declares war on the Leftist Coalition and its allies on behalf of The Second Reich, and posts the first war propaganda pictures of >BLOC 4.

The Asian Alliance, led by Andyrewwer, declares war on the Leftist Coalition only.

At some point during this day, United African Reich began to fight with EUN and its allies, but it never officially declared war.

March 31Edit

A shill, from either PEST or GISM (the Leftist Coalition's alleged shill network) had been an officer in the Divine League and disbanded the alliance.

All active Divine League members immediately reform, rendering the sabotage pointless.

Lykos accuses the Divine League of war-shielding.

Amir, leader of SPQR, kicks Lykos for warmongering and multying and reverts SPQR back to WOJTEK. He declares peace on all fronts.

Amir asks Estagon to invite all of WOJTEK into the Divine League.

A communist coalition spy attempts to infiltrate the Second Reich, but the deception doesn't fool Colter and he fails to get in.

April 1-4Edit

INNAWDS acquires second bluewater Navy, Taxes (of Inna) reks Wlad with Lykos. (DL got the first Blue Water navy, but was ultimately blocked from using it to do long-range assaults.)

April 5Edit

Divine League and INNAWDS reach armistice agreement then peace.

Grudge War II
Casus belli: Alleged EUN conspiracy against Left Coalition.
Date: March 29- , 2015
Result: War over
Preceded by: Operation Commie Crush
The Left Coalition
Divine League
United African Reich
The Second Reich
Asian Alliance

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