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			Whatever this is I commend you for your beautiful autism.
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			<br />--- Quote from: AMERICAN_HERO on August 16, 2016, 06:14:23 PM ---Personal weekly subscriptions cost four liberty notes overseas (one for base cost, three to account for international travel expense including tariffs), although we do offer various discounts. If you act quick and buy a weekly subscription before the second internationally released issue, you get a dollar off. If you buy a weekly subscription for your whole cabinet before that, we'll give you two dollars off per person. If you buy a year long contract for yourself or your cabinet, we'll cut it down to base costs for the first year followed by reverting to the previously mentioned two dollars off discount.<br /><br />You may need to do some currency conversion work with your advisors though if you don't possess any of our currency. We will gladly accept your nation's currency even if it is non-standard as long as you can show what value it holds to one liberty note.<br /><br />--- End quote ---<br /><br />Finance minister says this should be enough Chi-Ha-Tan yen to get my subscription started. <br /><br />Keep the change!<br /><br />
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