The Brotherhood of Zion was founded by Robosax(Sqynet) and Alfonso(Ambra) during Bloc 3.

ZION (2)
The initial leadership was Robosax(Sqynet), Alfonso(Ambra), Kamakazi Sunshine(The Deserted), Presidentofspess(Argentina), and Demostan.

Brotherhood of Zion was a member of the RED coalition during The Color Wars, playing a prominent role as a strike force against BLU targets worldwide and as host of RED's reactor(Argentina).

After RED's victory and the 3.0 reset, Alfonso and Demostan did not return. Kamazkazi Sunshine was appointed first officer.

3.5 Edit

Brotherhood of Zion once again joined its allies in the second Color War and blew SPQR and other opposing alliances the fuck out.


SPQR(Roma Latronibus) destroyed by BoZ.

Presidentofspess(Argentina) retires from officership .

3.8 Edit

Khan(Mongolstan) joins BoZ from SPQR.

The Brotherhood of Zion grew to be the strongest alliance in 3.8 and was surrounded by butthurt enemies with only their greatest ally, BAMF, supporting them. The main antagonist: Divine league was completely blown the fuck out when their plan to gank BoZ backfired and had themselves ganked. Divine league holds the record for losing the most troops in one day with 3500k lost.


Stats from 3.8 . Divine league BTFO

3.9 Edit

Cotton(New Caucasus) joins BoZ and becomes first officer.

Khan(Mongolstan) is appointed second officer

Kamakazi Sunshine(The Deserted) is appointed third officer

Knee Grow(Whitey) is appointed fourth officer

Niko(lolistan) joins BoZ and becomes fifth officer

Bloc 3.9 lasted nearly a year. The Brotherhood of Zion was a member of the TOP KIKE coalition ( Comintern, Brotherhood of Zion and SPQR) and stomped the Cuck Coalition (Wreckage Brothers, Divine League, The Hetairoi Guild, NETO, SSBMT and UoHN) .

Peace reigned afterwards and Bloc became stagnate until /pol/harbor. /Pol/ Harbor was an operation launched by inter/pol/, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., NAM and assorted small alliances using forged logs as a CB against BAMF, Brotherhood of Zion, Brotherhood of Nod.

The defensive coalition became known as BBB. BBB quickly turned the war around and began farming the other side. The aggressors surrendered in the following days.


Leader of Interpol, Coldoldgold, drew BoZ's flag as part of peace terms.

Following the conflict not much happened for BoZ other than returning to work on their economies, building up low level members and continuing with peace time business.

Close calls were avoided, raiders were aggressively targeted and much butthurt from other alliances ensued for roughly two months.

3.95 Edit

Robosax(Sqynet) officially retired Brotherhood of Zion after the reset, citing real life responsibilities and the lack of a viable successor.


Brotherhood of Zion Robosax (Sqynet) 3.0-3.95
Co-Leaders Alfonso(Ambra), Kamakazi Sunshine(The Deserted), Cotton(New Caucasus)
Officers Presidentofspess(Argentina), Demostan, Khan(Mongolstan), Knee Grow(Whitey), Niko(lolistan)
Historical allies BAMF, Dictators United, New Lunar Republic, The Federal Colonies, /int/elligentsia, Sealion League, Dinos, Brotherhood of Nod(3.9)

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