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Welcome to the BlocGame WikiEdit

This is the new official Wiki for >BLOCbeta: a game of geopolitics. BLOC is a Cold War simulator where you play your own third world country and its leader; although if you're here you probably know that! If you want to help most, edit information about gameplay which you know about, or the history of >BLOC and the recent wars!

In Realpolitik you can play one of the Cold War countries, a faction, or a corporation.

The wiki is right now new and the old content with the templates have probably been lost since me and Mao did not run a proper backup on the old wiki. It is highly encouraged to add content that is proven to be useful for the player in bloc. Try not to delete already added content unless you are highly convinced that the information is wrong, so be prepared to face questioned subsidence of your action.

Are you confused by some of the language?: Vernacular. BlocGame Wiki

Currently there are not many rules besides these:

  • Use common sense.
  • Articles that are not related to the gameplay and the metagame of bloc are not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to change already functioning templates. 
  • NSFW material is not allowed.

Right now there are no rules about how a page belonging to a certain category should look like nor do I think there will be any. Any content is good and every page can be edited to look good by other editors; it is after all the information about the game provided here that is the most important.

If you have any complaints about these rules or want to add something, or have a problem, please let me know--Andyrewwer (talk).

Use the navbar! Alysdexia (talk)


BLOC uptime, reported and inferredEdit

Realpolitik (BLOC The Real World)


Uptimes refer to the domain and front-end files but do not include databases such as registration or forum, processes such as cron, or applications such as chat. Fill in any gaps or missed resets.

*Nation reset
**Soft reset, nation identifiers intact (to preserve donator status?)

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