Your airforce can be used to bomb either your enemy's airbases, economic infrastructure, cities, ground forces, chemical weapons storage, factories, oil wells, or agriculture. You can only bomb one target every turn, and each air attack costs 1 oil.

Success in air attacks is determined by equipment, number of planes, and chance. For example, the player with better equipment and more planes is much more likely to be the victor, however there is a chance that the dice may favor their opponent. An unsuccessful attack will result in the attacker losing 1 plane.

Obtaining planes

There are three ways of obtaining planes:

  • Buying them from a superpower - On the military policies page, the Buy MiGs and Buy F-8 Crusaders policies allow you to buy planes from the Soviets or Americans respectively at the cost of relation points and oil. The cost of buying planes from a superpower increases with the number of planes you currently possess. Note: You can only buy planes from superpowers if you have less than 10 planes. After that, the only ways of obtaining planes are by manufacturing them yourself or through the Military Junta event.
  • Manufacturing them yourself - On the military policies page, the Manufacture Aircraft policy allows you to manufacture your own planes at the cost of manufactured goods and oil. The cost of manufacturing your own planes increases with the number of planes you currently possess.
  • Military Junta event - If your political system is Military Junta, there is a small chance each turn that you will receive the Military Junta event. This event will allow you to either progress your chemical weapons development by 1 level, conscript 5k troops and increase your training by 1 level, or increase your airforce by 1 plane, for free.

Target choices



Airbases If successful, your enemy loses 1 plane.
Economic infrastructure If successful, your enemy loses 1% of their GDP and 5 million growth.
Cities If successful, your enemy loses 15k manpower and 10% quality of life, but you lose 15 reputation (or 1.5 levels of reputation).
Ground forces If successful, your enemy loses 5% of its ground forces with a minimum of 2k soldiers.
Chemical weapons storage If successful, your enemy's chemical weapons development progress is reduced by 1 level, even if it has already finished developing chemical weapons.
Factories If successful, your enemy loses 1 factory. There is a chance that you can be successful in your attack but miss your enemy's factory, in which case you lose 2 levels of reputation.
Oil wells If successful, your enemy loses 1 oil well.
Agriculture If successful, your enemy loses 1 level of food production, but you lose 5 levels of reputation.

Airforce levels

Level Planes
Meagre 1-4
Small 5-6
Mediocre 7-10
Somewhat Large 11-12
Large 13-16
Powerful 17-18
Very Powerful 19-20

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