Anti-Imperialist Front Flag

The official flag that represents the Anti-Imperialist Front.

Anti-Imperialist Front

AIF is short for 'Anti-Imperialist Front'. It's a military alliance with peace and international unity in mind and only attacks foreign imperialist aggressors that wages war against one of the member countries. So far, the alliance has never spread any bloodshed and works to keep it that way. It has a zero policy of genocide, as well as for member countries waging war on other nations. The member countries seeks to help it's common members in different struggles, such as economic struggles and natural disasters. The AIF is not tied to any political ideology. Members are allowed to be tied to the west, the easern bloc or neutral.

The promotion video for the Anti-Imperialist Front02:37

The promotion video for the Anti-Imperialist Front.

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